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Mon Nov 24 @ 5:30PM
Hit It!® HardCORE (Heidi)
Mon Nov 24 @ 6:30PM
Zumba (Julie)
Mon Nov 24 @ 7:45PM
Doonya (Barb)
Tue Nov 25 @ 6:15PM
Zumba/ZToning (Angie)
Tue Nov 25 @ 7:30PM
Pound (Anna)
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ProFIT Club: Hi Guest 5033 yes it has been finaled.
Guest_5033: So is the Dec schedule final?
ProFIT Club: Guest 5033 unfortunately that is a mistake and I'm sorry I didn't catch it sooner.
Guest_5033: Bellydance is back ? (showing on 12/28) - trying to secure childcare and wondering if that is accurate or a mistake.
ProFIT Club: Hit It HardCORE's primary focus is on the CORE, Abs, Glutes, back and legs. The Total Body Sculpt is working upper and lower body with hand weights, barbell, stability ball and floor exercises. Both equally good workouts.
ProFIT Club: Hello, Guest 5033 all you need is some energy and maybe some water. Get ready for a sweaty good time!
Guest_5033: Do we need to bring anything to the HitIT Kickboxing Class?
ProFIT Club: Hello Guest 9991, Shhh is a low impact cardio class where we work each muscle group to slower sexier music. We fine tune our muscles, and our inner sexy through different movements. We also incorporate the chair for a great lower body workout and don't worry we do have a flirty workout for the chair as well. Hope to see you soon ;)
Guest_9991: What is the Shhhhh class?
ProFIT Club: Hola Mariela, nos encantaría tenerte de Zumba, hay una clase el mañana por la noche en 18:30 que disfrutará. Sólo llegan unos minutos antes de la clase empieza a firmar la renuncia y pagas $5 para la primera clase. Nos vemos luego.
Mariela: Hola! Soy nueva aca en esta area y me encantaria empezar Zumba de nuevo. Si quiero inscribirme puedo ir antes de una de las clases o hay que reservar antes de las clases? Gracias y que tengas un lindo dia ;)
ProFIT Club: Guest 2599 Absolutely you can come take classes. On your initial visit you will need to bring a parent to sign the liability waiver, then you are free to come anytime. Hope to see you soon
Guest_2599: am in high school can i join profitclub
ProFIT Club: It is finalized now, realized I hadn't completed it.
Guest_3930: Is the Nov schedule finalized?
ProFIT Club: Hey Layla! Yes I know EXACTLY who you are, you've been missed. I came back from vacation and I'm like dang what happened to my Layla :( Glad to know you'll be back! See you Thursday Beautiful!
Guest_2182: Hi Heidi!!! It's me, Layla! I hope you remember me. I only did kickboxing with you:-) I know it's been a while. My new work schedule has been super crazy for me. Anyway, I am hoping to make the Body Sculpting class on the 23rd. But I am definitely coming to kickboxing that day! I am ready!!! See you soon!
ProFIT Club: Yes LIsa, modifications are given for every class. If you find yourself, unable to keep up, do what you can, just slow down a bit so you're able to successfully complete the class.
Lisa: Hi, its been a long time since I did any workout. Will your program accommodate newcomer with less experience to any of these physical activities? What recommendation would you suggest for beginners?
ProFIT Club: Hi Cassandra, sure, come on down we'll accommodate you :)
Cassandra: Hi there. I am new to the area and am a student at Hood College. Is you student program open to all students, or just those in Moco? Looking forward to your reply :)
ProFIT Club: Marissa you might want to try out the Hit It!® Kickboxing class you get both in that one class and you will see results quickly. I also teach a Total Body Sculpt as well. We start out with 7-9min cardio warm up and then work each muscle group with hand weights, barbell, stability ball and resistance bands.
Marissa: thank you! Its so hard to decide which class to take. I did the groupon last nov/dec and loved all the classes. But i definitely need a combo of cardio and toning.
ProFIT Club: Hi Marissa, Shhh is a low impact sexy cardio class. We work each major muscle group with music ranging from country, rock, reggae, gogo, r&b and more. Then there are songs that we can just be sexy with and we also do a couple of chair songs strengthening our lower body. The class is a blast, and we don't sweat, we sparkle!
Marissa: Hi what is "shhh" with Heidi
ProFIT Club: Hi Salmana Sure come through, I will be happy to discuss your fitness goals and recommend classes that will help you attain them. Just for a little background on me, here's my personal weight loss story as recorded by Fox . «link»
Guest_5556: Hi my name is Salmana Shaw. I' m intrested in loosing some. I will to try the Zumba dance tomorrow with Angie @ 6:pm
ProFIT Club: Thank you for your interest, guest 5154 please send an email to with the child or childrens ages. We are looking to start classes in November either directly after school or Saturdays at 8am. Still in the planning phase. Will definitely unveil the plan on our Parents Night out Kids Zumba Party on the 24th.
Guest_5154: do you have fitness classes for kids????
ProFIT Club: Thank you guest 8364 well stated.
Guest_8364: Once your body gets use to a particular routine, its programmed and no longer challenging, so healthy weight loss decreases in a major way. But most importantly, weight loss is 75% nutrition and 25% fitness, in my experience and belief. You want to really focus on what you are or are not eating and begin eating healthier foods. The truth is, if you are eating a SAD - Standard American Diet, your will not see much results. I wish you the best in your health and wellness journey.
Guest_8364: @Guest6915 - Most people have the tendency to plateau or come to a halt when it comes to losing weight the healthy way. Your mind and body is a powerful machine.
ProFIT Club: Thank you for the feedback. Angie works very hard to give everyone her best at all times. Maybe its time to switch up your routine a bit and try a different Zumba class or maybe something a bit more challenging for you to really kick your weightloss in to gear like the Kickboxing class.
Guest_6915: Angie needs to train harder. I am not loosing weight. I hope you can have other Zumba instructor who can teach at least one day over the weekend.
ProFIT Club: thank you for your inquiry Mannequin, YES you can come to any of the classes. No membership needed and your first class is $5 with drop in fees of $8 afterward. The next kickboxing class is Thurs. at 6:30pm. hope to see you there! Heidi
Mannequin22: Could I just walk in to try a class or do i need to reserve a spot in the class?


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